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Immunologists examine the interaction between HIV and the immune system: HIV influences our immune system and the killer cells of the immune system control HIV infection. We have investigated the impact of HIV infection on the survival and function of T cells and specifically HIV-specific CD8+ T cells, cells important for the elimination of HIV infected cells. We have also examined the role of cytokines during acute and chronic HIV and SIV infection. In the context of HIV Cure studies, we have investigated the effects of latency reversal agents (LRA) on the survival and function of immune cells. Another central research topic is how CD8+ T cell function changes during HIV-infection and how we can use immunotherapeutic approaches to promote CD8+ T cell-mediated clearance of the latent viral reservoir using sophisticated models to investigate CD8+ T cell exhaustion.

The Immunology group of EHEG actively collaborates with the other EHEG members in testing new drugs for the reactivation of HIV in cell culture assays and in clinical studies. We also develop cell culture systems to test HIV eradication strategies and elucidate molecular changes during latency reversal. Most recently we have received funding to investigate whether a new class of reagents can support the killing of re-activated HIV-infected cells.


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