About EHEG

EHEG, founded in 2012, was a manifestation of the vision of a group of enthusiastic scientists, including the late Prof. Dr. Charles A.B. Boucher, who believe that in the quest for an HIV Cure, it is essential to have a collaboration between experts from different fundamental science-clinical fields. This collaboration enables translating insights and discoveries from fundamental basic science advances in HIV (from the bench) to the development and testing of better therapies in the clinic (to the bedside).

The departments of  Biochemistry, Virology, Immunology, Internal Medicine and Pharmacology along with HIV representatives join forces in this unique group and the colours in our logo represent exactly this unique collaboration between us. Together we have built a synergistic research collective based on trust, respect and scientific excellence. 

Our mission

To find a cure for HIV.

A cure that is safe and available for every person living with HIV, regardless of who they are or where they live. 

EHEG provides the critical intellectual mass to advance the field of HIV Cure with a research scope that encompasses basic science, clinical studies as well as community outreach. It is also a platform to nurture the career tenure paths for talented young scientists, fostering their innovative ideas to cure HIV. The success of our collaboration is demonstrated by multiple ground-breaking molecular scientific discoveries, the development of a unique HIV cure drug pipeline and the undertaking of pioneering clinical trials with promising HIV cure drug strategies. We also collaborate nationally and internationally with expert groups for our common goal.

We at EHEG welcome you to learn more about our work and team. We are open to connect to scientific experts who share our vision and mission for an HIV Cure. We also welcome people living with HIV who want to hear more about our work, help us with our research by participating in our studies and to share with us their voices and experiences. We invite you to contact us and look forward to hearing from you.


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